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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And it's finished!

Just finished the hat, well that is last night I finished the hat!  It turned out nice, however, I didn't like the decreasing...that is to say, I didn't like the way the pattern suggested the decreasing in pattern.  I found the pattern not working well with the decrease rounds so I ended up dropping the black and just knitting and decreasing where it was supposed to be done.

Another thing I will change on the next one I make, is to not work the pattern for 7" but probably 5.5 to 6"; I like a snug to my head fit rather than the slouchy, too much left over on top (~:

Overall though, I think it turned out rather it is:

~Okay now off to finish other projects before year's end...

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  1. You are correct . . 22 days until our 7th, I believe, anniversary. It makes me laugh . . it could have been 15 if we had married right after we met.