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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Proposed city tax? Where will it end?!

Okay so the school district is in financial straits, aren't we all!  But, the difference is, we don't have anyone bailing us out.  Yes, I agree, it's appalling the school board considering closing schools; it's truly outrageous.  But, to bail out the budget, we the people, have been asked to support a tax come May that is supposed to help out the school budget.  Question:  how did the schools get into such a deficit to begin with?  What happened to all that so-called lottery money that was to support schools?  After all, the state is raking in the dough there.  And my biggest question is, when does it end?!  If we support a new city tax now, what happens when these same schools find themselves in a budget shortfall again? More taxes?  I say NO!  We are already taxed enough and I don't believe that adding another tax on us is going to solve the problem but rather create new ones.  I don't want kids to go without an education, but I believe the school board has not thought long and certainly not hard enough on other options.  Over taxing has proven time and again to NOT be the answer.  It's time to get creative in other ways, it's also time for the state to reevaluate their own salaries, which they are clearly over paying themselves and put the money where it belongs, and in the meantime, don't expect the people to pay for more thru taxation!
~Okay, carefully stepping down from my soapbox...

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