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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ah...another pair of Nemesis

Hooray, the mini vacation has begun!  And what better knitting project for vacation than another pair of Nemesis socks.  This time in pink; well actually the color is formally known as Rouge, it's a KnitPicks Palette yarn.  I love how defined the stitches are when using this wool.
So while it rains I will knit and hopefully be finished by Monday...let's get real, probably not, but at least they will be started and maybe 1\2 done (~:
In other news, we continue to watch the devastation in Japan.  Radiation contamination on the rise as the reactors start to break down over there.  The magnitude of the initial earthquake has been upgraded to 9.0; the largest in history.  The news reports the earth's axis was moved by 1% (that may not be an accurate percentile) but what does this mean to us all?  The pictures coming from over the wires, are just beyond unbelievable.  The so-called "authorities" continue to tell us this will not be another Chernobyl.  The reports are contradicting each other. And then there are the pictures, I think that really tells the true story.
~We're all in this together, let's then pull together and start acting as ONE...

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