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Saturday, April 23, 2011


What a lovely day.  I got to see Eric and we went on an impromptu walk up to Skinner's Butte.  I've never been up there before.  It was only a short hike up and the view spectacular.  I can definitely find myself going up there again some time with a box lunch and some reading material or my knitting.
This afternoon after a quick trip to Saturday Market and lunch at Newman's I headed off to see the musical, WICKED!  I knew, when I bought my ticket, the seat would be in balcony section.  What I hadn't realized, as I had never bought tickets for this area before, how the upper balcony was set up.  When I first climbed the 4 flights of stairs, which should have given me some clue, and walked in I was immediately struck with the height of the seating.  The pitch was so steep that I felt a bit of vertigo and was sent into an almost panic attack.  I found my seat, which fortunately was close in on the aisle, and tried to calm myself; it took a lot of self control to avoid fainting.  I just did some deep breathing trying not to look down too much.  Of course looking down was necessary as I was so high up it was the only way to see the stage.  But once the lights had gone down and the show began, I began to relax and by the end of the program I was fairly comfortable.  Now the walk back down the stairs did take some time and got me a little anxious.  Again I just went with the flow and manage to get outside into some fresh air.  The musical was amazing.  The interpretation from book to stage, brilliant.  The special effects, magical.  The singing perfection.  I hope I can see it again!
Afterwards I stopped at the Potala Gate and treated myself to a new spring dress; a pretty green, orange and yellow.
~And the laundry calls...

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