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Monday, July 4, 2011

Finished at 1:40

Happy Birthday America! Wow, 235 yrs eh? Not bad! Today was the Butte to Butte, it was a blast. Helen and I came in at 1:40, I think we would have come in a lot sooner if it weren't for her shoe/hip issue. Not a problem though, we had fun and in the end did score a cool sweatshirt! Next up, just discovered another 1/2 Marathon for Sept this year! Woot! I have been training for the Eugene 1/2 marathon for 2012, but to be able to get one in this year is going to be just fab. This one will support the ACS for women's health. Now just to save the $85 registration fee and I'm ready to go...I wonder if Helen will be up to this one...I hope so!
~Back to work in the morning...

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