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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's not like this is all new to me

The yarn is wound, the beads are threaded on, the design is drawn. Now the question is, how do I begin; where do I begin?! Okay, so, I do know how the basic shape is formed. The cast on, the bind off. The increases and decreases. It's all straight forward. So why is it that I am feeling just the slightest bit of intimidation then? I want it to be perfect. I know I should just let it all go, and do what I know. And what I know is, I want the pattern simple, yet quietly elegant with the most delicate of a lace pattern with incorporated beading. Just do it! Tomorrow I will cast on and do a test swatch and create the lace patterning as I go along...just don't forget to write it down!
~It's going to be beautiful...

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