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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Welcome July!

Hmmm, what happened to Friday's post? I got sidetracked is what happened to Friday's post! but, I did get the Grumpasaurus started last night and hopefully will get more done on it today. Would you believe I am actually considering cleaning the windows this weekend? Do I dare? We are expecting sun all weekend and I don't want to chase it away, but I'm sure the universe will allow me to have clean windows so the beauty of the sun can shine thru.
I also picked up the packet for Monday's Butte to Butte. This is my first time at this event and I am excited. It's only the Mayor's 4.5 mile fitness walk which is pretty simple, but it will help me gain in my overall training for May 2012 Eugene 1/2 Marathon which is 13 miles, woot! I've gone thru the first 30 days in the Primal challenge and feeling pretty good, we are now on the next 30 days. I am trying hard to stay away from the scales, you know how obsessive I get. I know I am doing well, I can see it in the mirror and feel it in my body and my clothes are getting bigger on me, so I know I am successful. It hasn't been that bad either, not eating all the grains and legumes and such. I'm also not eating any meat, even though this paleo is rather heavy on it. The very idea makes me nauseous! Ugh! Okay, I need to get to the windows and the rest of the housekeeping if I expect to get anything done today, and I'd better get off this computer, hee hee hee.
~It's an amazing day...

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