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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nearly November...

Saturday.  I've put in a couple hours for work and I've gone out for a lovely walk.  I thought it would be cooler out but as it turned out it was quite nice.  The trees are really showing off their glorious colors and in the fog shrouded day, the colors are magnificent...but alas, I didn't take one pic!  I guess I was too involved just enjoying the beauty; memorizing each maple, each oak and wondering how they come up with such wonderous colors.

Of course the day began with a trip to the waffle place and then continued to my favorite coffee bar.  Incidentally, said coffee bar is no longer known as Midtown, but June.  The new owners are trying to open the interior space up a bit and this seems to be taking some time.  I don't care for the new signage, but then again everything isn't finished and really it's not up to me, is it? (~:  The same Barista's are there and they make a great latte!

At any rate, it's nearly seems October just begun.  I think, though,  I say that every month!  I can hardly believe we will be setting our clocks back an hr next weekend; gaining an hr of sleep only means spending an hr longer at work hahahaha.  The never ending's wonderful, isn't it?!

So on this beautiful and now rainy day, I am making a lovely pot of roasted pepper chili.  The windows are fogged over and the house smells delicious.  I'll go watch my movie now and work on the second sock.  Tomorrow is dye the sock wool RED! 
Here's the first sock completed:

~Until then...

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