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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Almost Friday!

Thursday.  It's almost Friday, yay!  This weekend we set the clocks back an hr.  This means we get an extra hr of sleep, okay I'm down with that..BUT..I'm not diggin' the idea that I'll be at work that extra hr *sigh*  It doesn't really matter though and I don't need to complain.  After all, I spend most of my waking hrs at work any way (~:  Business is picking up, well that is to say it really never slowed down since last pre-season wave.  I wonder what would happen if we all just decided to scrap the whole idea of daylight savings time. And if we did decide to go with one time or the other, which would it be?

I am looking forward to the weekend though. I want to dye more wool.  I'm thinking after I get the exact red I want, I shall venture into the variegated colors like red, orange, yellow...Opal Fire...Yeah! It's supposed to rain this weekend, but I think not until after I get out for Waffle and coffee and a walk  I will miss these beautiful sunny days, but it is Fall after all.

~I think I'll go work on my sock

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