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Friday, November 12, 2010

And Paula is sponsoring a give away...

Friday.  Now the work week over with, OT complete, I turn to the happenings online.  What would we do without Internet?  Well, for one, we'd probably get a lot more reading done.  I for one, would probably spend a bit more time cleaning house and mending noticed I said, "a bit more time",  "bit" being the operative word here.  Of course let's not get carried away and lose our heads!  But now, being realistic as I am, if I weren't online tonight I wouldn't have spotted this cool give away from can be found here.  She has some pretty cool stuff she is giving away.  BTW Paula, brilliant idea!  Maybe I'll start something like that too...after the holidays of course (~:

I went into my LYS today, you know the one near me where the owner always seems to be perpetually in a bad mood, well today she was a bit more friendly...I was admiring some of her handy work, maybe that's all it takes...I'm always friendly though, sometimes to the point of nausea (just being sarcastic, could you tell?) Hahaha At any rate, I only went in to pick up more Malabrigo for my Traveling Woman and then of course I thought, why not check out the sock stock...needless to say I left with the most outrageously beautiful colors of Mini Mochi color 101 "Intense Rainbow"  and it is indeed just that, INTENSE!.  I am drooling even now at the wide range of colorways and I just want to run thru the house screaming because they are so beautiful!  Okay, okay, let's all just calm the f*ck down!  Here's what I'm going to make with this glorious yarn, the contrasting color is black...I am going  to make the hat, I need a new one this year as I washed and accidentally dried my wool hat from last year thus leaving me hatless and the weather is getting cold!

~So if I'm ever to accomplish anything, I guess I'd better get with it!

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  1. I've got a couple of balls of the autumn colourway,now I know what I can make with it.