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Saturday, February 19, 2011

In search of...

I am so anxious for Spring to get here.  I want the flowers to be blooming and the trees to be blooming and the birds to be singing.  Okay, well the flowers are blooming and so are the trees, at least they are doing what they can at this time and the birds have been singing, oh have they been singing!  So I guess what I really want is to get started planting and I don't want to hear anymore about snow in our's almost March for goodness sake!...I know, I know and yes I do want a bit of cheese with my wine...make that a nice Argentine Malbec with a lovely sharp cheese please.
So today I started my quest for the perfect plant stands.  Now mind you, I don't want something brand new.  I want it used and inexpensive and local and attractive get the picture.  I went for a walk in search of such stands and alas none to be found.  Well, that is none if you don't count that great baker's rack at my fave antique store with the cool wine rack below...hee hee hee, this thing surely wouldn't make it outside and there is no place possible inside for it either. But, I still want it.  Did I mention it has to be inexpensive?  Yeah, well this thing is like $65, uh I believe that is the original price and guess what, it's not even antique!  But it is in my fave store...I'm not buying it!  It seems everywhere I went today, I couldn't find anything suitable.  Perhaps it's not spring cleaning time yet, that must be it!  Okay, I can wait...I think I'll just stop over here for some lunch...oh look!  There's another place I haven't checked yet ~~>
~And the search continues....

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