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Monday, March 21, 2011



Happy Monday.  So today on my way home from the gym I was waiting at the traffic light on the corner and while I was waiting I happened to be looking down at the curb where there is an area for drainage.  Now this may not seem so strange, of course there should be a place for drainage otherwise we'd be in deep water, pardon the pun.  But seriously, at the opening of the drain there is a picture of a fish and the words, "Drains to stream" followed by the words, "Dump no waste"...okay, is it just me and I'm surprised even at myself for just now noticing this, but excuse me, what's wrong with this picture?!   Hmmm, we are advised to "Dump no waste" because this drain "Drains to the stream" and yet so does all the "waste" from the street, i.e engine oil, waste from the de-icing chemicals not to mention the crap we carry on the bottoms of our shoes and the myriad other grossness that "Drains to the stream" that I'm sure will NOT do the environment, not to mention the aquatic wildlife, any good.  I'm left dumfounded...WTF?! 
~Yeah, time to pay closer attention...

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