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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home from work

After having to go into the office today, it's great to be home.  I always feel out of sorts when I go in there, but today wasn't too bad.  Our VP was in town with the quarterly "town hall" meeting.  The meeting went well up until the point where, here she shall remain nameless, raised her hand and carried on inappropriately.  At first, her comments had value then it just went down hill from there.  Quite frankly, I was embarrassed as I'm sure were other members of the audience.  I'll be watching to see how much longer she remains on staff, seriously.
The day wasn't a total waste though, I did get to see some of my co-workers and had a lovely talk with friend Patty on the way home...but seriously, I'm so glad to be back home.  I am so glad I work at home and not in office.  Yes, it's great to see everyone, but I really like the quiet of my own area without having to listen to all the drama. 
~Yeah, glad I'm home...

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