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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A sunny Sunday

When I went out this morning is was a bit cool, but the promise of a bright day was just beginning.  The sun was out but it was still a bit cool in the shady areas.  Nonetheless, it was beautiful day all day.  Eric came over and we had a lovely day together going for a walk and then to the Ballet.  We saw Anne Frank.  The ballet began with a Concerto Grosso program and from there The Tyranny of the Senses which was quite good as a contemporary  piece.  In fact, I rather enjoyed the Tyranny piece more than the Concerto piece.  Then it was on to Anne Frank which seemed a bit short, but overall a lovely piece for the context.  Anne Frank did receive a standing ovation in the end, but I feel more for the historical context of the piece rather than for the performance, which albeit was still very good.  Overall, quite a lovely day.
~I think I'll go find some dinner...

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