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Sunday, May 15, 2011

5K and it's all about the dogs and cats

Ah, another 5K in today and so fun!  Today's benefit  was for the Greenhill Humane society Bark-in-the-Park event and oh the amazing breeds of dogs!  Such a great event to help fund a great cause...animals!  I enjoyed my walk with all the dogs very much.  I think my favorite was an amazing English Sheep dog; a huge creature that looked like he just came over from a Siberian tundra, so much hair, but such a beauty.  Then there was Ron Judd's little Shakespeare, such a cutie!  I can't remember what  breed he is, just that he was so active and so cute.  I managed to pick up some fun stuff for Tabie's Edgar, boy is she going to have fun with the stuff I'm sending.  So while on my walk home afterwards, I came across this beauty...I can't believe I nearly passed it by...
So delicate, but didn't have much of a scent.  I think a lot  of our florals now have somehow bred out their scents.  Sad, I love the scent of an Iris.
~Note to self: open your eyes, you don't want to miss such beauty...

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