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Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting Primal

I went into the office to work today.  I had the entire row to myself; saw a few friends.  Initially I went in to see my trainer, Sasha.  We're starting a new challenge on June 1.  I was just going to get more info and before I realized it, I was signed up and given my binder full of information with this Saturday scheduled to go in and view a 90 min DVD about the 30-day Primal Challenge, guaranteed to change my life.  Well that is if I agree to eat meat like my hunter-gatherer ancestors...I'm under the firm belief that my ancestors were vegetarian, thus I am only makes sense!  Luckily there is a small, very small, excerpt about vegetarians, after all we do make up some percentage of the population.  There are a lot of do's and don'ts, but mostly a lot of putting things into perspective. To start off with, forget everything you have been told about the so called food pyramid, we can pretty much consider that to be obsolete; outdated.  Throw out those grains and legumes, rice and corn and replace with leafy greens (see there are some items for us vegetarians!) and other veggies, fruit and meat...I'm still not, and doubt I will ever be, convinced that I need meat in my diet; I get nauseous just thinking about consuming meat.
I've just read thru the first chapter in my binder.  No, I haven't jumped ahead to the end, hahhaha, albeit I was tempted!  I am going to stick to this "experiment" as Sasha has referred to it and I am going to make a difference in myself. 
~A new me emerges...

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