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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blogger down again?

Yesterday and then again today, short of some search to get in, blogger has been down.  I am not able to just login.  Instead I had to go to*sigh*  I'm here now, so stop whining!
Okay, so I finished the Wisp for Amanda's package and have filled the box with lots of fun goodies.  All I need to do now is block it; it has turned out so pretty and soft.  It totally lives up to it's name too.  Yeah this is the last swap I'm going to involve myself with.  The last person still has not sent her address but rather told me she is sending something to don't bother, I shall be sending back in return post, unopened, unaccepted...enough of this game!  I have been very productive today, but alas haven't got my tomatoes planted which was my main goal today.  It's raining right, make that it's pouring right now so it doesn't appear I am going to get them planted for at least a bit yet.  It's still early though so I may still get it done today.
~Coffee?  Yes please...

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