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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Made it thru the first part

Whew, I made it thru the first dental appointment, now 2 more to go.  It was not as bad as I got myself worked up for.  And of course after speaking with my insurance company, (needed to make sure I am covered for all this), I am left wondering why in the world do we pay so much in insurance fees and are only covered so little.  Okay, back to the drawing board, or will that be more like back to more OT?  Looks like I've got some major saving to do; they don't give implants away for nothing...I'm looking at upwards of $2000 out-of-network...better get to looking for someone who can do this procedure in-network, after all that's why I have insurance, isn't it?!  Well, no point in whining, that isn't going to pay the bills and why should I cause such stress to myself anyway...I am leaving it to the Universe to sort out, it'll all work out.
~In the meantime, just breathe...

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