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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Perfect day

The sun is out, it's beautiful.  Off for a walk with Eric and a movie.  I have had such a fantastic day.  After the walk and movie with Eric, I continued my walk and stopped by the Farmer's Market and picked up some local Hazelnuts and raw honey to make the primal lemon bars tomorrow.  I was out for a while and unfortunately missed the gym.  That's okay though, I got plenty of miles in and now to relax and get this project finished so I can post it.l  Hopefully tomorrow I have will them blocked and ready.  Also on the agenda for tomorrow, a trip to Sundance and perhaps get some more sock wool dyed.  Oh and while the road work is taking a break for the weekend I shall go and post Tab's pkg.  Yes,  a perfect day!
~Knit on...

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