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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome June!

Welcome June, welcome warmer weather...albeit today it was still raining the forecast is for 75-80 this weekend; I am ready for it too.  I stayed in today and continued work on my pay-it-forward project which has been waiting patiently for a month, maybe even 2 months, nevertheless it is being worked on now and I hope to have it finished ...soon.  So it's back to the dentist tomorrow for the follow up from last week's procedure; time to get the stitches out.  I hope I will feel better once they are removed.  It seems I haven't felt good since last week prior to when I went in!  I am determined though, to get thru this.  Today is also the first day of our Primal Challenge.  So far, so good.  I am going to see this thru to the letter. Now I just have to find better recipes, although tonight I did come up with an interesting stuffed pepper recipe...not bad if I say so...

Here are the ingredients:
Roasted Poblano peppers
Red onions
Orange peppers
Fresh mints from the garden
I chopped all the ingredients, except the Poblano's which I sliced down the center, removed the seeds and stuffed with the chopped veggies that had been sauted.  I then placed the stuffed peppers into a  baking dish sprayed with olive oil spray.  I then whizzed up an egg and poured this over the stuffed peppers, then shredded some extra sharp vintage white cheddar over the top and baked the lot...delicious!
~Now if it'll stop raining...

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