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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Change of plan

Well, this is to be expected. I have frogged the shawlette in favor of these I was becoming more and more frustrated with the other pattern that I could not be happy knitting it any longer; there seemed to be so many errors, so frogged it is! Helen has been asking about socks lately anyway and every time I showed her what I was making her, I kinda got the feeling she would be more satisfied with socks anyway. Well Helen, there you are, you will get your wish and I will create these beautiful socks for you...or they actually may end up being the mystery socks that start on Friday. We shall see.

So, tomorrow starts the WestKnits mystery shawl KAL, I am excited. This will be my very first mystery anything. I have "caked" my wools and have my needles ready. The first clue is to be posted tomorrow so I will be watching my email for it.

I got my first pair of Land's End shoes yesterday. They are quite comfy actually. Another first here, too, this is the first time I've ordered shoes online without first trying them on, and wow they fit perfectly. I walked over 5 miles in them today just to break them in and but for a massive blister on my wee toe, they are very comfy indeed. I don't think I would even have gotten the blister if it weren't for the way the toe piece sort of wraps around the side of the shoe. Oh well, what are blister pads for?! Outside of that, no complaints and I was reading the materials list and discovered that the soles and insoles are made from recycled materials...specifically plastic bottles..hooray, green shoes! I love it when companies make a conscious decision to recycle, reduce, reuse. Yep, I'll be supporting this company. I guess you could say I already have, I already ordered another pair even before these arrived, they should be here on Thursday(~:

~Better get on with it...

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