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Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's here!

Hooray, my KP order came today and was waiting for me when I arrived home from the RFL event. I have wound 8 yarn cakes so far, and am finding I really probably should have a swift. Ok, so that will have to come later. I did figure out a pretty good way of "holding" the yarn in the mean time though. I put in on the back of one of the director's chairs I have; it worked out pretty good too. But, I still think a swift would be so much more efficient. This will work for the time being.
So, today was the ACS Relay for Life; my first. It is a humbling experience indeed, seeing all the luminaries and all the people standing up to fight back...yes a very humbling experience. Helen, her daughter Missy, grandson Chance, and I, all walked. Poor Chance was not happy most of the time. He is 2. I think he was just so tired and it was so hot out, this is what caused most of the discomfort. The fire dept was also there and he had an opportunity to play on the truck until someone smashed his little finger in the door )~: goodness me! Poor little guy! Luckily there was plenty of ice around to make an ice bag and grandma was able to put a bandage on it; he slept nearly the whole way home. We did get in nearly 4 miles. Afterward, Helen and I went out for coffee at PERK, my new fave bistro. The owner, Aaron, is so fun...totally talked us into a slice of lemon meringue pie. I have to admit, the meringue on that pie was the best I have ever tasted! It was amazing! The pie is also locally made at Nib. I knew Nib made some outrageous brownies, but that pie was over the top!
~Is it time for dinner...

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