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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hmph, this is not at all "Phish"

I wanted fish today. I really should have stopped at Newman's when I walked by, but as usual I thought I would remember to stop on my way back thru. Nope, didn't remember so by the time I got home of course it was too late to hike back down as they would have been closed. Okay, I'll go by MOC and find something to replace my want for fish. Here's where I made a huge mistake! I found some vegan fish fillets. Wow, I thought, here's something I'd like to try. Okay, I have nothing good to say about these so I will not say anything at all...enough said!
So, moving right along...Over the last couple of days I have completed the first clue in the WestKnits KAL and still have to redo the last 4 rows, no biggie, I'll get it done before the next clue on Monday. No love given to Carmen's scarf; I'd better get on that one soon. I did however, get 3 little human beans done for Eric; my goal this week is 5 or 7 we'll see. Tomorrow is the first clue in a mystery sock KAL and I have yet to wind a ball of wool...what is up with this week anyway? I've not completed much. I have, however, been to the gym and out walking and breaking in my new Land's End shoes for which I am rewarded with a lovely blister (~:
Aren't these just the cutest?!
Now, about the 1/2 marathon coming up in Sept. I still need to get my registration paid. It's going to be $85, the most for any reg I've ever done before, but I look at it this's for the ACS, women's health...need I say more? I'm still working on Helen to see if she is going to join me in the walk itself, or at the very least cheer me on to the finish line; I'm sure it will be the latter. On Aug 14 there will be a route preview walk for about 8 miles. I want to check out the course and set a pace for myself, so maybe this weekend or next latest as time is growing short.
I'm still reading several books at the moment. We the Drowned is getting most of my attention though, it's quite good so far and a very large volume. I'm off early tomorrow and have Monday off as a vacation day. I am going to sit here and knit my little fingers off! Love it!
~K1, yo, ssk...

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