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Friday, August 5, 2011

A little love here, a little love there

Ahh, it's finally Friday. i had a lot planned for today and actually only accomplished some of it. You see, I went out running around with Helen. Yeah, enough said (~: But I did give some love to Eric's project so now I have 5 little human beans for him ready and I'm thinking that since I'm probably not going to see him until Sunday, possibly, that I may try and get at least 2 more done. I also bought and wound some Happy Feet wool today for the sock mystery KAL. I haven't cast on yet, but at least I am ready to get it started. I did give some love to Carmen's scarf, which I now have an extra day to complete; I'm going to need it! My mystery shawl KAL for WestKnits has a new clue out Monday and I still need to frog back the last 4 rows. I'm thinking some time management is in order right about now (~:
Okay, so tomorrow it's high time to air the tires in the bike and get in a ride before it gets too hot out. Also it's the Whitaker neighborhood block party, I'm stoked! Jamie will be selling her hand made glass bowls and I am going to get one! I think I will display it on my coffee table, maybe with some scrumptious yarn or just let the beauty stand alone, we'll see. Goodness I am tired tonight. Isn't it amazing how wore out a person can get just doing nothing but silly randomness for an afternoon and having accomplished absolutely nothing as a result? I'm glad I have the next 3 days off to myself.
~I see a trip to Smith Family books...


  1. I haven't cast on for the mystery sock KAL either. I will be doing that today as soon as Fedex gets here with my needles. My other pair was from the set I got off eBay and it was pulling the yarn at the join, so I ordered a pair from Knit Picks. According to tracking, they will be here today. :)

  2. Yay for new needles! I, too, just put in an order for a set of circs from KP. I've only been using the Addi's, which I love, but I thought I'd like to try a set of their Harmony circs. It won't be here for another week though, just order them yesterday (~: I did get my socks cast on, and have only done 3 or 4 rows on the cuff so far; decided to go out for a meditation walk this morning and to our Saturday Market. So now that I'm home I probably should get on it!