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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Next year's vacation

Wow, it's really been quite sometime, hasn't it? Okay, I'll work harder on getting back to this more frequently. The weather has been kind of crazy, some rain, some sun and it's getting chilly. So, with the cooler weather in mind, I have started a sweater. The CPH in fact. Albeit I wanted to do the CPH with the Viking cabling, I ran into a snag in the pattern directions and the #'s just weren't adding up right. I didn't want to take the time to go back thru, for the third time, and do the math again, so I decided to just cast on the original and get this thing made! I am thoroughly enjoying the pattern and have now finished the back. It's beautiful, I love the cabling. I'm making it in WOA by KP in the Blackberry colorway. This wool is knitting up beautifully and oh how I love the soft feel of it. It's going to keep me cozy this Fall into Winter
I decided to take the next couple of days off; the last of my vacation days. I had to get my mammogram in soon and they are not open on Fridays or weekends. So today it is. I'm taking very good care of myself. So since deciding to take these last days of vacation hours, I have been thinking of next year's vacation. I'll have 3 wks coming to me and I think I shall plan a proper vacation. You know, it seems that all my personal time off is usually for something other than me. Well, going to dr appts of course if for me, but I don't call that a vacation. No, this time I am going on a properly planned vacation. I am thinking I shall go alone. You know, like rent a car, reserve a hotel room and just go explore somewhere I haven't been, or even explore somewhere I have been but have been with someone who didn't appreciate the time for what it could have been...we need not go there! At any rate, this is my vacation. I make all the calls on what I do and where I go. I'm thinking the beach. In fact, I'm thinking of reserving my room now, at the Moolack Shores along the coast. I love that place. There's magic there. I've been going thru this all day long, trying to figure out what time of year would be best. I love it in the summer. I would finally be able to take as much time along the beach as I want and drive into Depot Bay for some scrumptious clam chowder at the Chowder Bowl.

I still haven't made up my mind, but I am putting the process into motion and doing what I need to do now to make it happen. I've sent out my request to the Universe so I know I am covered. This is happening, it's my time now! Hmmm, perhaps a trip to Yachats, I haven't stopped there yet. Or maybe a trip to Southern Oregon...or maybe a cruise...nah, I think it would be more fun to just drive up and down the coast and explore this beautiful state. Then who knows where to next. I still want to take the kids to Europe, maybe in 2013 we can get it together for that.

~Until then...

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