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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome October, welcome Fall!

Saturday. Ah, September is done. I feel like I've been away for months and now I have returned...hooray for October! It's def time to celebrate. So in honor of my fave time of the year, I went out on a nice bike ride, did some walking, did some shopping at Saturday Market and treated myself to a new Fall necklace and fresh veggies from my fave farm at the farmer's market. I also ca~me home and made myself a pumpkin pie. Now as that wasn't enough, I made the score of a lifetime at the local manor thrift sale. I picked up a Pothos plant that is 74 yrs old! The folks who gave it up for sale are 100 and 98 yo and planted this plant when they first married and this year they are celebrating their 74th anniversary! Can you imagine that?! I feel quite honored to have this plant among my other lovelies and it's already showing signs of perkiness; I believe it likes it here already (~: I'm working on a sweater, yup that's right, a sweater. And I have set myself a goal to have it done within the month. I'm currently working on the back and it is beautiful. I also need to get some socks started and some hats for the homeless, so I'd better get on it. I'm so glad to be back on my own work schedule too, now I feel like me again. So welcome October, and welcome Fall and now I must get back to it! I'll leave you with this pic:Photobucket

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