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Sunday, November 27, 2011

GM Sunday

Here we are at the end of another month. I have to say, this month/this year is certainly moving fast. Yesterday I was successful in keeping my pulse down so as to donate blood; my first time! And I have to say, by the time the nurse went over all the do's and specifically the don'ts for afterward, I was beginning to question my decision to give. Fortunately I didn't give in to my over active mind and was happy to get it done. After all, someone's life can be saved and my feelings are we should all be here for one another, so I was happy to next appt is in 8 wks.
Next Sunday I am going back for a second performance of A Christmas Carol the musical. I also wanted to go to Menopause the Musical only when I went to check on the tix on Friday, discovered that it was only to be music without the action! That was a total disappointment, I wasn't prepared to spend $35 on a recital. So looking ahead, there are a few other shows coming up: Beauty and the Beast, My Fair Lady...these are at the Hult Center and then at the Actors Cabaret, Legally Blonde and something about a trailer park (can't ever recall the title, lol), and Avenue Q.
My knitting is coming along well, finally to the sleeves on my CPH, I have one commuter mitt nearly complete (just need to do the flap), and started the doggie sweater for Tab's, Emi. Next up, I think it's time for more socks (one can never have too many pairs of socks after all!), oh and I also picked up one of Lorna Pearman's patterns yesterday, The Ivy Headband, a very cool headband I've been wanting to make I can! I'm thinking a red would be amazing, I wonder if there is a red in the found it, YES there is a red! So, it's back to The Knit Shop tomorrow to pick up some more fiber!
Okay, so if I'm to get anything accomplished today, I'd better get at it...TTFN!

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