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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ah, so there are aliens...whod've known?!

Saturday.  I was on a mission this morning.  I couldn't find my Kool-Aid packets for dying my sock wool, so off I went to the local market...well, let me correct that...actually I had already checked the local markets and upon discovering not one of the three carried said Kool-Aid or any reasonable facsimile, I then decided a walk was in order and went to the next local market about a mile up the road.

It was very pleasant when I left out this morning.  The trees showing off their wonderous colors and I had a lovely walk.  Would you believe the only color I could find was red and a matter, I was after red, wasn't I?!  I picked up both colors and will set out to dye the sock wool in the morning.  I was impatient last night and began another pair in a pretty burgundy Donegal...this will hold me until the red is ready (~:

Okay, so I digress.  I got my waffle, got my coffee, went to Saturday Market and Smith's Books and finally the library and Viva Vegetarian to pick up lunch.  By this time my bag is full; the wind has picked up; the leaves are blowing around.  Hmmm, I think I'll just take the bus looks like a storm is brewing.

I board the bus and just after me two little boys, about 6 or 7 yrs old,  jump on and decide to sit just behind me.  Immediately they inform me that we will be blasting off shortly and discuss with one another what should be done prior to take off.  First the wings are deployed, then of course the shields go up around us...a bit later I am informed that although the shields are up they are not really the best as they had been damaged on a previous voyage so we are to be extremely careful.  Oh dear, this makes me a bit nervous.  You see during the first couple of minutes after the initial take off, I am duly schooled in the likelyhood of seeing alien beings and the like.  I have been educated in the habitat requirements and dangers of leaving the vessel in the "wrong areas".  They go on to inform me that, they too, are aliens.  "Well, half alien, half human"  says one of them.  It seems that the grandparents are human but the parents are alien.  Of course I am very interested and listen intently.

We travel through the galaxy where they pointed out the different vegetation and what I thought were traffic lights were actually "eyes that change".  Oh, and when these eyes "change" this is not a good thing as the alien beings are not in a happy mood.  At this point both boys pull out their "ray guns" and proceed to protect us, the occupants, of the "spacecraft".  When I finally reached my stop, I asked if it were safe for me to disembark the vessel.  They looked at each other and stated, quite emphatically, "NO".  Well, having no choice to exit safely, I did skip the first stop and was allowed to exit at the second.  Whew!  That was a close call!

Now, I ask, what would we do without the imagination of a 6 yr old?!  I thoroughly enjoyed my adventure thru the galaxy today.

~What a fab day indeed!

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