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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Checking out the new gym today

After much thought and reality checking, it has come to my (albeit much delayed) attention that I have been spending too much money to head to the gym at work.  Hmmm, granted accounting is not my strong suit, but seriously it seems a 6 yr old could have figured this out a long time ago!  Okay, the gym at work is free, great!  BUT, when I have been paying $48 monthly for the bus pass to get me out there and then only getting out there on the weekends, well now the light goes on!  Hello!  It turns out all this time I could have been spending $31/mo on a gym membership, with classes included, AND it's only a 6 min walk up the street, it opens at 5 or 6am and closes at 11pm *palm to the forehead* Oh goodness, could it really have been that easy?!
~Heading over now to inspect the facilities, and did I mention, a free week?!  Sheesh!

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