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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Movie day

Today was movie day.  Of course I managed to get there a bit early; 1:40, the show started at 2:15.  I can never seem to get my timing just right when I go by myself.  So today's cinematic adventure was the highly acclaimed Black Swan.  It was a brilliant movie.  I won't go into details, but I will share that it is  psychologically thrilling.  That ever plaguing pursuit of perfection (at least one person's interpretation of perfection) and the ensuing madness that surely accompanies it.  It definitely has a dark quality to it and is so brilliantly done, I'd pay to see it again.

February promises to bring some good entertainment,as well, to the Bijou.  The one I am looking forward to is The Neverending Story.   I've enjoyed this since my kids were young and now getting to see it with Eric now that he is an adult, will be even more fun.  Besides, why do we need to be kids to enjoy these films.  It's always to step out of role from time to time and do what pleases self, rather than always having to be on as society dictates.  And for that matter, who made this decision for the majority of us anyway?!

Well, it's been a fab weekend and according to the weather forecast for this week, it's going to be a repeat of sunny, beautiful days.   Hmmm, I wonder what this will do to the little groundhog...hahaha, will it be 6 more wks till spring, or 6 more weeks of winter...Uh, has anyone besides me figured this out yet?  Hello!  It's 6 wks either way!  Okay, so I guess it's all in the way you want to take it.  I like the idea of WOW, it's almost spring, only 6 more weeks!

~Hee hee hee, 6 wks to spring, or 6 wks left of winter...your choice!

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