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Saturday, January 29, 2011

This is January in Eugene


It is currently 55F right now. It has been sunny and warm all day.  This is typical for January, here in Eugene.  I love it here!  Today, with zucchini bread in hand, I met up with Eric and after stopping for a coffee we headed to the University campus to enjoy a moment in the sun to drink coffee, eat bread and just bask in this sunny day.  While we sat on the bench, we were joined by a squirrel who apparently was hungry for he began to climb up Eric's pant leg to get to the zucchini bread!  It was comical.  Soon he was eating from Eric's hand.  Crazy squirrel really enjoyed his bread and didn't care how he got some so long as he did!  Friendly little critter.

Tonight is the first bout of the season for ECRG.  I'm getting ready to head out in about an hr.  I have my seating "cushion" ready in my backpack, ticket in my pocket and my black and blue on.  Rolla-rama drama! Yeah!


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