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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ah Sunday

I have enjoyed this day very much.  A nice brunch with Helen and thrift shopping for gardening stuff.  We didn't come up with too many things for the garden, but overall still a fun time.  I wish she didn't always have to get permission to get out.  But then again, that is her life not mine and I am not here to judge the way she has chosen to live it.
I'm so distracted with gardening lately that the month is flying by and I need to get my Spring swap stuff done.  So with that being said, I shall pick up the needles for swap goodies and work on my socks after I finish my monster (~: And also need to get my wool dyeing going for the swap with Manon....Yikes, I'd better get at it!
Life is good, the sun came out a few times but mainly stayed cloudy all day, but no rain except that little bit this morning. 
~Here's hoping for a sunny week...

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