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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Market, a lovely walk and work on the socks


It turned out to be an incredibly beautiful day today so I walked downtown to Saturday Market and brought some new friends home.  Earlier though, I went and picked up a cute little bird feeder and a strawberry pot..I love 1/2 off sales...I saved nearly $20 today!  After I came home and placed the new beauties out in the back garden, I gave myself a much needed break...I wore my sweatshirt down and turns out I really didn't need it, it was so warm!  Then it was off to the gym and a fab workout.  I made a point to stop by the hardware store on my walk back and low and behold did I ever find the perfect garden accessory!  I wanted to get a little wagon with wooden sides, but when she told me the price, I decided I would continue my search elsewhere...yeah $185 was just a bit out of my budget.  So downstairs I went into the gardening area and there it was,  a wheelie bin with the perfect sized handle and only $40!  Oh, and it gets better, the soil I need for my planters, only $2.99/2cu ft!  I'll be saving a lot of money buying those items there...just have to wait til payday though, so worth the wait.  My garden is going to love having the new additions.
Now after all that it was time to relax in the back garden with knitting and a couple glasses of wine.  I managed to get the heal turned on one sock and progress done on the other.  I love warm days!

~Life is wonderful...

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