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Friday, May 6, 2011


It's that time again...allergy season...and boy I have not been spared!  I have been spending some quality time with the box of Kleenex; my poor nose.  I thought perhaps the rain would keep it a bay, but that just isn't happening.  My Dr, who is amazing, gave me some spray for my poor nose and now it can't stop running.  I'm hoping it will take effect soon or I will be spending more time with good ol' Kleenex.  Okay, so I can sit around and whine about it or I can suck it up and move on...I'll just move on and deal with it...or at least deal with it and whine about it too.  Tomorrow I am trying the accupuncture approach.  If anything at least I will get balanced.   Hmmm, that suggests I may be un-balanced...?

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