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Sunday, July 17, 2011


It's hard to believe, looking out the window, that it's actually mid July. It has rained the entire weekend. I had such great plans for today and instead I have been sequestered indoors. But, no matter. I was able to finish this:
I laugh every time I make something from the Mochimochiland book and this cutie is no exception. Next up I am going to CO some socks, what else?! Also I need to get a PIF going for this month, so I've decided on a beaded scarf; it should go relatively quick so I can get it posted before July's end...yikes, what is taking so long in getting this out this month?!
No matter, it's all good, and now looking out the window the sky appears to be clearing. Perhaps I will get in my bike ride tomorrow since I had to miss it today (~:
~Now's a good time for some meditation...

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