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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rain in July, crazy weather

Rain, rain, rain...and more rain today. No matter, I still got out and got nearly 6mi in. I got my hair cut today and my awesome stylist, Carmen, also used a beautiful Henna coloring in it. It turned out wonderfully. The shades and highlights are perfect. No chemicals, and locally made; perfect all the way around!

Today I gave some love to finishing this cutie. I should have it finished this weekend. Then I am going to get my next PIF started. I have decided on a scarf and adding some beads to it. I am also going to dye some fiber to make a beaded scarf for Carmen and name it for her as well. I have an idea of the colors I'd like to make and the beads I want to use.

And speaking of beads, I went into Harlequin Beads today only to find it was business as usual..RUDE, RUDE, RUDE salespersons. Wow, and here I thought they had done away with that ritual, boy was I wrong! Alas, I am once again just to order online. It's a pity really, I prefer to support local business, but not one such as that.

Enough of that, there are so many better things. What a wonderful day it was. I was able to get out and walk, even in the rain (~: My mind is full of so many ideas I cannot keep up with it. I can only hope to get it all written out and proceed to begin in their creation.

~Life is wonderful...

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