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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bring it on!

Wow, what a great day! After work today I got my green coaster bike to the shop, Arriving by Bike, for a tune up; Ian was great, he went thru everything, balanced the tires, tightened what needed tightening and gave it an overall check over, and the best part, he only charged me $5! Sweet! So I asked about my other bike, which I ride all the time, and for an intense tune up...$65 maybe less. One of the best parts is, they are located practically across the street, in fact they're only just across the street from the gym I go to...I love my neighborhood!!!
Okay, now we are totally ready for the business commute-by-bike challenge throw down at work...bring it on! Helen found herself a helmet, I have the extra lock we need, we're ready to go. Even though the commute challenge is for work, the mileage we can roll in will still count, because the challenge is basically all about leaving the car at home and riding your bike to commute wherever. I am all over this, I don't own a car, I donated it to a charity shortly after I moved to Eugene (this is a biking, walking, bus town) and haven't looked back. I'm proud to say I am doing my part to remain "green" and lessen the damage on our Mother Earth. Now if I can get Helen to do the same, she won't even take the bus into town, she will drive over so she can! No matter, we all do our part one way or another I guess.
And here it is, another day and no progress on Carmen's scarf; no new beans for Eric, and nothing done on Jamie's's time to crack down...NOW!

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