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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sun today and a lovely bike ride

wow, what a difference from yesterday. Today the sun out in full force, so I took a ride. I hooked up and rode with some folks I didn't even know, but it was fun they were really nice. Then I left them and continued on my way. I managed about 12.5miles or so today between biking and walking; love Eugene! And despite all my best intentions I have yet to get any knitting done! I did, however, manage to get my other bike out and get the tires aired only to discover the tires seem to be unbalanced; hmmm who'd have known after sitting upside in my bedroom for the last 2.5 yrs they could get unbalanced, but there you have it, they are! So a quick call to the bike shop up the street has scored me an appointment after work tomorrow with bike guru, Ian, who is going to remedy the situation. I think I'm also going to have him raise the seat, it seems a bit low. I want to make sure all is squared away for Helen when we ride this Sunday. And speaking of Sunday, I really need to get on to Carmen's scarf! Okay, enough of this...get knitting!
~K1, WT...

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