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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bike commute challenge, locavore challenge

wow, here we are at labor day weekend already; the official end of summer. And just like everywhere else, we seem to be a bit surprised as we just started our summer season, well at least with the weather anyway. The bike commute challenge officially began on Sept 1 and so far I have logged in 19 miles and saved 18lbs of CO2. I'm not sure how that actually relates to breathing space, but it's sure to be a very minute amount, so it looks like I'd better just keep riding. I've also challenged myself to the locavore. I am committing myself to only purchase my food from local growers and distributors. So far to good as we do have nearby farms, etc. I already do this for the most part, but the challenge is to commit this to everything. I began by purchasing some great veggies at farmer's market today. I'm still working on exploring some of my local markets to get the fresh milk and eggs, which is kind of a challenge in and of itself as I don't drink that much cows milk, I'd rather prefer coconut or almond milk. Here though, there is a local maker-distributor of the preferred, so it's all good.
I've also set myself another goal. I did decide on the CPH, however, I'm going to do the Viking cable pattern instead. I have everything to get started on it and now just to get cast-on. I hope to do that by tomorrow, or Monday latest and have challenged myself to get it done in a month's time...along with Jamie's socks and Eric's minis.

~So stop fooling around and get on it then...

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